Choose Politicians That Prioritize HOPE Over Anxieties!

If, I have learned anything, from my, over four decades, of, dealing with a number of, political campaigns, it probably is, because many citizens, seem to usually, ballot, based on their prejudice, and fears, they seem, resistant to do the right - point, and also, therefore, reject to proceed, with HOPE, instead! Sadly, this anxiety - oriented, thinking, is, what I call, stinkin’ thinkin’, because, the general, viewpoint, and mind - established, is, at - odds, with, the necessary, Constitutional assurances, and also protections of liberties, legal rights, and the core - concept, with liberty and also justice, for all! We are presently seeing, among the major political parties, obviously, concentrating their interest, and initiatives, on, just, governing, instead of offering as well as representing the very best rate of interests, of most Americans! With, that in mind, this short article will certainly try to, briefly, consider, analyze, examine, and talk about, using the mnemonic technique, what this indicates as well as stands for, and also why it matters.

  1. Recovery; head/ heart; humane; truthful/ honorable: Regardless of one’s political associations, preferences, and also ideas, should not we require, our agents, continue, in one of the most - humane, manner? This requires discovering individuals, who will certainly use, and straighten, both, their psychological, as well as rational elements, in a head/ heart balance! They need to stress, recovery, the injuries, created, by the political rhetoric, as well as typically, hatred, as well as proceed, prioritizing, being, one of the most honorable, feasible! This will only occur, when, we begin choosing individuals, that are, truly, and also regularly, honest!

  2. Options; opportunities; open - minded: How can we survive, in a purposeful way, in a relevant, and also sustainable fashion, unless/ up until, leaders start, refusing to accept, simply, the same - old, same - old, as well as refuse to, think - outside - the - box, striving to achieve, a genuine, meeting - of - the - minds, for the higher great (as opposed to partisan national politics)? Only, when these people, are open - minded, and think about different options as well as alternatives, seeking the finest opportunities, will certainly this occur! Allow’s claim, no, to despise. prejudice, prejudgment, procrastination, and following our fears!

  3. Concerns; understandings; preparation: Pay very close attention, to what seems, any kind of prospect’s individual concerns, and also assumptions! Inquiry, whether, somebody, is qualified, of quality, lasting, critical planning, as well as producing, a well - thought about, action strategy, to execute strategies, based upon hopes, rather than fears!

  4. Empathy; emphasis; enhance; excellence; endurance; initiatives: Public authorities have to wage genuine empathy, and place their focus, as necessary, in a pursuit to improve all our people, and also the nation! They should seek the utmost degree of excellence, as opposed to accepting, excellent - sufficient! They need the endurance, to continue, in their efforts, regardless of the obstacles, thrust in their courses!

  5. System; solutions; lasting; solution: Condemning and complaining, and expressing a message, based upon accusations, etc, rarely, produce the desired outcomes! We need to look for, and elect individuals, who express a purposeful system, based on sensible services, and lasting direction! Otherwise, these individuals, will not provide, the level of service, we require, and should have!

Wake up, America, and also realize, our lifestyle, is under - strike, and we need to make needed adjustments, faster, as opposed to later! Only, when we base our ballot, on our HOPES, instead of our worries, will certainly we start to make this nation, what we really hope, will continue, standing - for, democratic legal rights, flexibilities, and so on!

Richard has possessed services, been a COO, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, Supervisor of Advancement, consultant, properly run occasions, spoken with to thousands of leaders, carried out personal growth seminars, and also dealt with political projects, for 4 decades. Rich has written 3 publications and also countless articles. Site: and LIKE the Facebook page for common sense: