Nurturing the Balance of deep space

On the one hand, who are we microscopic beings to believe we can have any kind of impact at all on something as vast and incomprehensible as the Universe-in which we are so small regarding be irrelevant, and also may be sloughed off the face of the earth as quickly as a snake may lose it skin?

On the other hand, as aspects of the Infinite Ineffable Intelligence, our transformative fate depends on identifying our Entirety: understanding that there is no ‘various other’ and that because of this, whatsoever we do to or for another we are just doing to or for our own selves.

Then, in the same way that all of Nature fulfills its function completely - predator and also victim maintaining balance in their populations; bees and birds pollinating as well as propagating; fruits and also flowers duplicating and also nurturing; flood and also dry spell and fire biking with the seasons-so also mankind might meet its dharma. And while one could argue that Dharma can not assist but be fulfilled, in this moment of background the motivation and also require to higher consistency can not be rejected.

The undertaking is clear-there is no more time for debauchery. Understanding that consistency can not be imposed from without, yet must show up from within, it then is up to every one of us to illuminate her individual cell in the body of mankind by cultivating Awareness and embodying Love. For all the aiming towards sustainability as well as equality, nonetheless well motivated or intentioned, can not do well as long as greed is the dominant force on earth. As well as greed will certainly not be overcome until the understanding of Entirety reaches emergency.

This, then, is our fee: to comprehend as well as urge the need of shedding the mistaken identifications that have allowed the powers-that-be to divide as well as conquer; and to foster the awareness that the suffering of any kind of is the suffering of all; and also to produce an international motion and also declare our Oneness around the world.

We can after that nurture the Equilibrium of the Universe by establishing Consistency on our planet-a consistency that only comes from the recognition that ‘We are One as well as there’s Enough.’