Feeding Thy Spirit - Course to Redemption

Is there even more to life than the physical world around us?

Is it all-natural impulse that leads us to look for spiritual realities.

Every society throughout background has followed some kind of religious beliefs and also had an idea in a life past physical life.

Christianity gives humanity their greatest property - Confidence in God as well as Jesus Christ!

The Great Payment

Jesus Christ regulated His Apostles, in “The Great Commission,” to spread out the Christian message and also to convert all people to Christianity.

Spiritual life encourages ministration, service in the Church as well as charity, to spread out the sacred relationship of every individual with our Heavenly Daddy and Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Fulfillment

Physical life is short-term.

All points come to an end.

Spiritual gratification has to do with individuals who understand their spiritual needs.

Jesus said: “Man does not reside on bread alone (the physical) but, God’s Word (the spiritual).

Spiritual wellness is achieved when we begin to recognize the relevance of the body, mind as well as spirit and just how they interact to build our general well-being.

  • A healthy and balanced body maintains you well as well as active.

  • A healthy mind is the person’s professors for thinking, thinking, and making choices with positive ideas and also wholesome values.

  • A healthy and balanced spirit that is looking towards a timeless future, keeps you met and also content.

Spiritual objectives “nourish the spirit,” with love for God and your fellow human.

God’s Legislations of Life:

  • Guide us to seek those things that are true, wholesome as well as good.

  • Helps to conquer concerns and also fears by brightening our path throughout life.

  • Provides peace of mind and convenience as we look for our infinite salvation in the everlasting, Beautiful, Kingdom of God.

Spiritual Heart

  • God is an Eternal Spirit

  • Paradise is an Eternal, Spiritual World

  • We can not see the spirit of a person

The heart is the link between the physical body as well as the spiritual self.

It includes your mind, personality, thoughts, as well as feelings.

An attractive heart is somebody with a kind, offering nature that extends compassion as well as a good reputation to their fellow human.

Feeding Thy Soul

God’s Spirit within allows us to look for spiritual facts.

We mentally feed our spirit by going to church to hear the Voice of God with Celebration and also the Sacraments and to discover Jesus the Excellent Shepherd, Who leads His group to greener fields.

Our spiritual eyes enable us to “see” Christ within.

” Vacant Soul”

Considering That the Knowledge (Intellectual motion of the late 17th as well as 18th centuries stressing reason and individuality) man has actually been slowly moving away from God.

The “spiritual poor” are divided from God and also His spiritual properties.

They do not count on the existence of a higher, Spiritual Force of any kind.

Their beliefs are based in scientific research as well as the concept of evolution.

For the atheist, there is “no hope” in God’s Heavenly Kingdom due to the fact that they believe that life reaches a dead-end.

An “empty soul” does not have the “Fear of God” in their hearts.

The Anxiety of God advises us that:

  • All activities have repercussions.

  • We are responsible to A person.

That A person is God!

The Fear of God:

  • Conserves us from coming under wicked methods.

  • Leads people to come to be in charge of their lives.

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual knowledge suggests being “stired up” to spiritual facts.

It examines ideas as well as expands the mind to a new-found awareness of spiritual truths beyond the physical detects.

Jesus Christ claims, “I am the light of the globe. Whoever follows me will certainly never stroll in darkness, but will certainly have the light of life.”

The spiritual soul talks via the pictures and detects of God’s remarkable Creations.

Simply check out, above and past.

It talks via spiritual ideas that load the mind with appeal and also satisfaction.

When we are mentally healthy and balanced, we really feel a lot more linked to God and also to those around us.

Our activities end up being much more constant with our beliefs and values.

Spiritual values incorporate all that is excellent, moral and wholesome to assist us from wrongs that may trigger damage.

Real joy as well as comfort can just be experienced through confidence to Someone larger than ourselves.


Forgiveness as well as repentance opens up the spiritual door to acquire God’s Gift of Salvation.

Redemption is defined as the act of dealing with previous misdoings to obtain forgiveness.

Redemption is defined as being saved from sin and also its repercussions.

This indicates averting from wicked methods (repentance), counting on God (faith) as well as positioning our rely on Jesus Christ.

As Christians that understand what follows this physical life it provides us convenience as we look to God and Jesus Christ for our salvation to a long lasting life in the Heavenly Kingdom of God

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