Environment-friendly New Deal = Great Reset

The Green New Bargain, the Great Reset, “Build Back Better” - these are elitist/globalist code name for the makeover not only of human culture, yet the earth itself. The super-rich - represented by the elites at the World Economic discussion forum, and their reps in national federal governments, clinical establishments, and scientific facilities - have a prepare for humanity. That strategy, essentially, comes down to these factors:

  • Lower the populace of humanity to around half a billion. This is required because people and also their nonrenewable fuel source markets are (apparently) polluting the planet, as well as the driving device of capitalism is mindless growth as well as production of products and also services to an unsustainable degree that will eventually damage the source base of the earth. (There is some fact to this.).

  • Create a brand-new human society based upon Transhumanism - the combining of human biology with electronics, nanotechnology, genetics editing, and AI. The objective is a human population successfully controlled by artificial intelligence - an exceptional knowledge that will certainly understand how best to regulate a mankind that runs out control.

These concepts are the supreme evolution of a male-dominated, machine-oriented viewpoint that neglects the feminine. The function of the existing craze of gender-identity politics is to eliminate females from culture (since males can deliver). It is troublesome for the globalists to live come forth from the womb. This method doesn’t harmonize a human society that can be managed from above. Birth via a lady is careless as well as ineffective. Therefore, women must be denigrated as well as eventually removed from culture, along with other female-oriented concepts like love, concern, and also tolerance.

The take on brand-new globe of machines, the Net of Things, will now be integrated with the Web of Bodies: a blockchained, QR-code based system that changes problematic organic human beings to an information collection that can be kept track of as well as controlled from the moment of birth to the split second of fatality. Human life will certainly no more come from females, it will come from on bio-printers where made bodies appear from AI-supervised programming.

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This insane plan for humanity, as well as the earth, can only originate from unbalanced minds.

The initial step in this plan to develop a “brand-new” humanity is related to the worldwide pandemic and the callous enforcement of vaccine requireds as well as lockdowns. This prepares the mankind to docilely approve diktats from above, regardless of exactly how unreasonable as well as dehumanizing.

The 2nd step, under the guise of shielding the earth, is to remove all fossil fuel generation plants. We can see this in the environment modification accords and also the Tokyo Protocols, and the current meeting in Glasgow, Scotland of the G20. This meeting was ALL about environment modification - the brand-new buzzword that will certainly be utilized to ruin industrialized society as well as reduce populace. Naturally green power is not nearly ready to substitute for trustworthy grid power, however the elites sustaining the Green New Offer and also the Great Reset do not care regarding that. Their goal is to instantly close down all power generation that comes from nonrenewable fuel sources - presently the resource of almost all of the globe’s energy.

The 3rd step is the development of the metaverse - a globe of digital reality that will move humans away from the earth, from the lady and also from the fact of human biology, and also into an artificial world controlled by AI. “Mother earth” is an offensive term to these women-hating and humanity-hating people. It’s occurring currently. Meta is the new name for an organization that currently includes Facebook, as well as will merge all Huge Technology attire like Instagram as well as various other internet-based social media sites organizations. The idea here is to take human awareness far from spirituality, God, as well as the Creator, as well as any type of reference of the planet that receives us, as well as install it right into a manageable synthetic truth.

The 4th action is the damaging as well as nano-infesting of the body. These internal interfaces will react with the Net of Points, and will certainly create the Internet of Bodies, a totally manageable humanity under the law and control of our betters.

There you have it people - the dystopian globalist plan for your future, as well as for future generations of mankind.

Excellent Reseters and Transhumanists in fact think - without any proof whatsoever - that consciousness can come from powerful formulas generated in a computer system, and that these algos can magically progress - in a kind of AI Big Bang - into life and consciousness that transcends to human awareness. This concept is the item of disrupted minds. It ignores the distinction in between knowledge and also consciousness. Intelligence is not sentient, it is not directed by the greater power, it is simply sophisticated trouble fixing.

The Selfhood- the best evolution of artificial intelligence right into a super-intelligence - will certainly never occur. Unfortunately, the globalists do not understand this yet since they have little or no self-awareness. Transhumanism is the ultimate evolution of individuals who concern themselves, and humankind, with ridicule. Transhumanism and its vehicles, the Great Reset as well as The Eco-friendly New Bargain, is a humankind damaging suggestion that has its origins in a full absence of self-worth and also self-esteem.

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