Retreat From Liberty

The forest was reducing, however the trees maintained electing the axe, for the axe was brilliant as well as persuaded the trees that due to the fact that his take care of was made from wood, he was just one of them.

  • Turkish adage

Erich Fromm was a German/US social psychologist, philosopher as well as writer. He created the seminal publication Retreat From Flexibility throughout the 1930s, when Adolf Hitler was rising to power in Germany. Fromm explains just how freedom is scary to some people, and also how they will certainly select to quit their freedoms to a dictator like Hitler.

The usual motif is fear. Individuals surrender their liberties since they hesitate.

Fromm argued that flexibility itself can in some cases be the root cause of anxiety as well as anxiousness, forcing us to locate methods to leave from flexibility. One of the means to escape freedom, Fromm argued, is via authoritarianism. Allow Big Brother make the decisions, it’s less complicated by doing this because then life’s obligations are raised from our shoulders. Fromm said that the rise of Hitler was an ideal example of escaping liberty through tyranny.

Oppressors, autocrats, eco-lunatics, and also clinical bio-fascists are wonderful at spreading fear. Politicians and college board members who permit boys right into ladies’ bathrooms to rape them (as occurred two times in Loudon, County Virginia with the very same perp) represent themselves as wood to the trees, also when the axe cuts right into the tree trunk.

When I was maturing the anxiety was of nuclear destruction. The United States as well as the Soviet Union were in a great battle, with nuclear bombs the best tool. Concern of nuclear battle was made use of to discourage the populace and resulted in a substantial rise in “defense” spending and also the creation of what Eisenhower called the military-industrial-complex.

Throughout the 1960s to the present, environment adjustment has additionally been a fear-mongering technique used to frighten the crap out of the worldwide populace. “A new glacial epoch is coming” has actually alternated with “worldwide warming will cause disastrous loss of life in the world.” These 2 scare techniques are, obviously, pseudo-scientific nonsense. Ice core data from Greenland and also Lake Vostok in Antarctica show, over the last million years, constant temperature fluctuates, interspersed with Ice Ages. Glacial period take place about 100,000 years apart, as well as the last glacial epoch ended concerning 18,000 years ago.

After 4 billion years of advancement, Gaia will not activate mankind and the life it has actually developed. The concept is, prima facie, absurd.

In 2020 and 2021, an additional and also even more efficient scare tactic has occurred: the unseen adversary. The publicity as well as pseudoscience surrounding COVID-19 has destroyed reasonable disagreement. COVID-19 as well as the vaccines remained in the start being created and used to conserve lives. Currently we have unscientific and totalitarian vaccination mandates being forced, worldwide, on populations in many nations.

If the environment modification worry and the pandemic fear strategies fail, the psychotics who run our organizations will change to their supreme hole card: The fake alien intrusion. This scare tactic is being held in reserve in case the lockdowns and also requireds do not work to squelch those pesky individuals that refuse to quit their liberties. The situation will certainly be, “wicked aliens with innovative galactic technology are here to destroy us.” OR, “the good-hearted room brothers and sisters are below with life-saving modern technology to lead the human race to an utopian future.” Both sides of this rip-off hide its actual objective: the populace of planet should unify in a Collectivist - communist, fascist, or technocratic - [] hive mind society ruled from above by a couple of with (apparently) premium wisdom or technology. It’s taking place right now.


Anti-social individualities, sociopaths, and psychos just have one intention: fatality, destruction, and also individual gain. It’s simple to see through their systems because every one of them are based in fear.

Every one of them welcome you to be cut down by the axe, because “the axe is just one of us.” Do not buy it.

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