To Me, the Essence of Liberty and also Freedom

I will certainly always remember having first read words of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher in my ninth year out of the Globe Book Encyclopedia just west of Tyler, Texas during the year 1960. They struck home in me. “Liberty is the spirit’s right to breathe.” During my fifth year as a curious and also curious child, after I had been shown to check out by my dear mom, 3 of the first things I had endeavored to check out with interest were the Holy Bible, the Declaration, and the Constitution of the United States. I had actually uncovered that these three papers were inseparably looped by the application of two really powerful words, freedom as well as flexibility. My mom had actually consistently highlighted that I, unlike lots of countless subjugated individuals worldwide, had been birthed totally free and also endowed with freedom under regulation. And so it was that I found out that a complimentary individuals need to frequently cherish the God-given life, freedom, and quest of joy blessed by the Creator of nature. I, therefore, found out at a very early age to thank the God of nature on a daily basis before I presented of bed in the early mornings and also laid myself down to sleep in the evenings, for the liberty that I needed to do what would certainly bring goodness and happiness into my life. More than anything else, I thanked God for the freedom that I had to pick the great over bad, in order to continue the freedom that I, and numerous other Americans, had from restraint and also tyranny.

When I had initial review what Beecher had penned over a hundred years previously, my mind was made heading I had actually felt in the woods southwest of Chandler, Texas when I had actually gone off in addition to my squirrel rifle to quest bunny as well as squirrel for dinner meat. The hills as well as valleys of acres of unfenced forest had actually made me feel extremely unique to be in totally free land where no individual or federal government could shackle and also subjugate me to do and claim according to the whims of an authoritarian. My heart was happily granted by my maker with the material of the alienable rights of life, liberty, and also the search of happiness. Having actually never forgotten the breathe of liberty and also freedom that my spirit experienced on the day as well as on lots of days after that when I had cherished feeling it over and over, I had so needed others, my buddies and also my family, to really feel the sale elation that loaded my soul.

Nonetheless, there are many native Americans who have actually never experienced the sensation of being cost-free, to function a work, any kind of work, with the zeal of being able to freely make a wage for doing something well or making a product that deserves the wage being paid for doing it. I fondly recall my father, an independent East Texas welder, informing me when I was 5 years old to move a pile of pig iron from one location to another in his store yard, and, on doing it to his specifications, obtaining a glossy quarter from his hand to mine. That was when I discovered the free enterprise economy and the worth of job well done. Keeping that quarter I could have purchased five big candy bars, or put it right into my pocket to save. That same day, I told my papa that I would help him whenever he needed me, as well as each that I did a job for him, he paid me accordingly.

The freedom that I needed to choose to work, first to sustain myself and also later my own family members, significantly appealed to me, as well as the intense need that I had to make use of that freedom and also liberty to do well in school, in sports, as well as in extra-curricular activities such as the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, into which I was permitted to easily submerse myself when I was thirteen years old, followed me into adulthood, my time in the military, as well as later on. The only people who do not recognize the delight of being complimentary to choose their very own means are those born into a problem of statist preeminence and also discouraged on the teat of state control over them, as the majority of Americans 50 and under have experienced for the last 70 years. Yet, also after 1960, I had to carefully walk the waters of federal government intrusion right into my life after JFK proclaimed to infamous words that seemed to cordially bring in into being the duty of every American to exuberantly promote the room race, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

The spirit and specter of statist Hegelian Marxism was enveloped by Kennedy’s rhetoric. Instead of stating what James Madison had humbly stated in 1787, that the obligation of depictive constitutional government is to serve the People, and not the other way around, Kennedy specified that the task of every American is to serve the government with mind and body. The promise of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program that I selected to support at 13 years of age personified impassioned statist principles. I can still can recite it, word for word. It went, “I pledge to serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, as well as to attend meetings routinely, take part frequently in unit tasks, follow my policemans, wear my uniform correctly, and also to advance my education and also training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state, as well as nation.” The important things I picked up from the CAP was to take orders, and to never ever question the orders that I would certainly receive, the basis for a successful profession in the united state armed force. In 1971, I enlisted in the USMC as well as accomplished PFC out of bootcamp, at San Diego MCRD, and also, later, promotion to sergeant E-5 in much less than three years time.

Soviet socialism, Marxism, as well as the Marxian communist dialectic were sustained by brainless configurations of mindless apologetics, which made no sense whatsoever when talked. Soviet people were instructed, from 1918 until the loss of the Soviet Realm, in the same manner that German children were educated Hitler’s occult insanity and brainless Nazi doctrine in the Nazi public colleges from 1934 till 1945 to develop the misconception of Nazi master race propaganda. Nazism and Marxism are essentially the same in application, as both are totalitarian as well as despotic in their control over the minds of the regulated. Certainly, a militant transformation typically comes before the imposition of totalitarian on a nation-state, such as Russia. Nevertheless, despotism can be elected into presence as the ruling system, such as it was in Germany. You see, Hitler legitimately took control of Germany via the unenlightened vote of the German individuals, through the lies as well as misrepresentative publicity of the Nazi pressures that went to job to oppose freedom as well as freedom. Simply put, an uninformed and also deluded electorate can vote itself into the high-handed chains of virulent dictatorship.

Flexibility as well as liberty, to me, are the happiness of obtaining success from one’s labors and also pursuits. There are hardly any American youngsters today that can work doing menial jobs provided by their parents, feel the sweat form on their eyebrows in the performance of the work, experience the success and also objective of the tasks, and then get payment from their parents for completing the tasks in the form of money completely worth its worth. When I had actually worked for my papa to his complete satisfaction and also got a quarter for doing it, I could utilize that quarter for whatever function I would certainly pick; to wait, buy 5 candy bars, or three comic books. The majority of American youngsters today in the 21st Century are enabled to require useless money from their moms and dads, allocations, for simply being lazy kids. Most children are not needed to carry out any benefit the money they receive. The statist government as well as state federal governments have, over the previous 70 years, implanted into the minds of the controlled that people do not require to work for what they receive from the teat government. They are instructed to suck the teat of federal government doles strongly and mindlessly.

Dr. Fred Schwartz initially composed in 1960, and after that once more in 1961, a very successful publication qualified, “You can Depend on the Communists (to be Communists).” Over a million copies of guide have actually been marketed given that its second printing. In the book, Dr. Schwartz states, … The title of guide is not as stunning as it may seem … because, in one feeling the Communists (Marxists) can be trusted. They have mentioned their intentions, their ideas, and also their techniques in plain, unmistakable words in every language everywhere. As well as they can be depended adhere to these purposes unceasingly.” Are the Marxists today, in the 21st Century, any type of different in their pragmatic goals as well as objectives than the Marxists of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s age during the 1950s? Joseph McCarthy may have been a bit antagonistic in his efforts to subject American Marxists during the 1950s, but he was much more appropriate than not in his Senate investigations. That period of time was the start of a movement of sympathy for popular Marxists that were devoting reconnaissance, that heralded the post-Khrushchev, “We’ll bury you” and Cuban rocket period with the “oh, they really did not mean that at all” crusade.

The Communist Manifesto is as plain today in its denial and also refutation of the flexibilities as well as freedoms declared in the Declaration as it was when it was initially composed by Karl Marx during the 19th Century. It’s financial unsupported claims declared in Marx and also Engle’s “Das Kapital” is likewise today as muddled, delusionary, ridiculous as it was when it was embraced by the Russian Bolsheviks in 1917 Russian Revolution.

As a human hand or foot comes to be numb as well as unfeeling in time via continuous disuse, the cumulative awareness as well as sensation of a republic can, gradually, come to be numb to what was as soon as the excitement and also fervor of flexibility as well as liberty. Why? Flexibility and liberty have to be continued and also kept to life and also flourishing as a charming public view, as a tree or blossom need to be consistently nurtured with water and also fed. Free Americans need to stir up every early morning to give thanks to nature’s God for the freedoms that were preserved by constraint in the holy law of the 10 Commandments as well as protected through nonreligious Constitutional legislation in the Expense of Legal rights. They, every American, must pray daily that the blessings of liberty will certainly be secured as well as bolstered to themselves and also to their posterity, as proclaimed in the Prelude to the U.S. Constitution.

Supporting such people, as lawyer Mark R. Levin, in their efforts to enlighten the American body politic regarding the wickedness of socialism as well as Marxism, and how the damaging political ideologies have influenced such disastrous adjustments in the social as well as political point of views of a terrific numerous Americans under the age of 50, is vitally, if not basically, crucial. Levin has created a great publication qualified “American Marxism,” which need to be read by all Americans old enough to read and also recognize the English language. Everybody should check out, if they have not, the united state Constitution from beginning to end, and also, together with it, “The Federalist Documents.” They are great and compelling reads! In 1788, 98 percent of the literate American body politic had actually reviewed the” U.S. Constitution as well as the Federalist Documents.” Sadly, initially of the 21st Century, less than 20 percent of the American electorate (those U.S. citizens 18 years or older who are qualified to vote) had actually reviewed those two indispensable traditional jobs detailing American civics. Unfortunate, huh?