Nourishing the Equilibrium of the Universe

On the one hand, that are we microscopic beings to think we can have any impact whatsoever on something as large and incomprehensible as the Universe-in which we are so tiny regarding be inconsequential, as well as may be sloughed off the face of the earth as quickly as a serpent may drop it skin?

On the other hand, as aspects of the Infinite Ineffable Knowledge, our transformative fate lies in recognizing our Oneness: comprehending that there is no ‘various other’ and that because of this, whatsoever we do to or for an additional we are only doing to or for our own selves.

After that, similarly that every one of Nature fulfills its function flawlessly - predator and also victim preserving balance in their populations; and also birds pollinating and also circulating; fruits and flowers reproducing as well as nurturing; flooding as well as dry spell as well as fire cycling via the seasons-so as well humanity may satisfy its dharma. As well as while one could argue that Dharma can not aid yet be met, in this minute of background the motivation and also need to greater harmony can not be refuted.

The task is clear-there is no more time for debauchery. Knowing that harmony can not be enforced from without, however have to manifest from within, it then is up to each one people to light up her private cell in the body of humankind by growing Consciousness as well as symbolizing Love. For all the striving toward sustainability and equality, nonetheless well determined or intentioned, can not be successful so long as greed is the dominant force on earth. As well as greed will not be overcome up until the understanding of Unity gets to emergency.

This, then, is our cost: to recognize and also encourage the requirement of dropping the incorrect identities that have actually made it possible for the powers-that-be to divide and also dominate; as well as to cultivate the understanding that the suffering of any type of is the suffering of all; and also to create a worldwide movement as well as declare our Oneness around the globe.

We can then nurture the Equilibrium of the Universe by establishing Consistency on our planet-a consistency that only comes from the recognition that ‘We are One and also there’s Enough.’