Environment-friendly New Offer = Great Reset

The Green New Offer, the Great Reset, “Construct Back Much Better” - these are elitist/globalist code name for the makeover not only of human society, but the planet itself. The super-rich - stood for by the elites at the Globe Economic discussion forum, and their reps in national federal governments, clinical establishments, and also scientific establishments - have a plan for humanity. That plan, basically, comes down to these points:

  • Lower the populace of humankind to around half a billion. This is essential due to the fact that human beings as well as their fossil fuel industries are (apparently) contaminating the earth, and the driving mechanism of industrialism is mindless growth and also production of products and also services to an unsustainable level that will at some point damage the source base of the earth. (There is some fact to this.).

  • Produce a brand-new human culture based upon Transhumanism - the merging of human biology with electronic devices, nanotechnology, gene modifying, and also AI. The objective is a human population successfully controlled by artificial intelligence - a superior knowledge that will certainly know how ideal to manage a mankind that runs out control.

These ideas are the best development of a male-dominated, machine-oriented approach that overlooks the womanly. The purpose of the existing fad of gender-identity national politics is to eliminate females from society (since males can deliver). It is bothersome for the globalists to live appeared from the uterus. This method does not fit in with a human culture that can be regulated from above. Birth by means of a female is careless and ineffective. For that reason, ladies must be denigrated as well as ultimately removed from society, in addition to various other female-oriented ideas like love, concern, as well as resistance.

The brave new globe of makers, the Internet of Points, will now be incorporated with the Web of Bodies: a blockchained, QR-code based system that transforms frustrating organic people to a data set that can be kept track of as well as regulated from the minute of birth to the split second of fatality. Human life will no longer originate from women, it will originate on bio-printers where created bodies emerge from AI-supervised shows.

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This insane prepare for humankind, as well as the earth, can just come from out of balance minds.

The initial step in this plan to develop a “brand-new” humankind is related to the international pandemic and the ruthless enforcement of vaccination requireds and also lockdowns. This prepares the mankind to docilely accept diktats from above, no matter how unreasonable as well as dehumanizing.

The 2nd action, under the semblance of protecting the planet, is to get rid of all nonrenewable fuel source generation plants. We can see this in the climate modification accords as well as the Tokyo Protocols, and also the recent meeting in Glasgow, Scotland of the G20. This meeting was everything about climate modification - the new buzzword that will be used to destroy developed culture and reduce population. Of course green energy is not nearly all set to alternative to reliable grid power, yet the elites sustaining the Eco-friendly New Offer and the Great Reset don’t care concerning that. Their objective is to right away close down all energy generation that comes from nonrenewable fuel sources - presently the source of nearly all of the globe’s energy.

The third action is the creation of the metaverse - a world of digital fact that will relocate humans far from the planet, from the female as well as from the fact of human biology, and also into a synthetic world controlled by AI. “Nature” is an offending term to these women-hating and humanity-hating people. It’s happening currently. Meta is the new name for an organization that currently consists of Facebook, and will certainly merge all Huge Technology clothing like Instagram and other internet-based social media companies. The idea below is to take human awareness far from spirituality, God, and the Developer, and also any mention of the planet that suffers us, and install it right into a controlled man-made truth.

The 4th action is the chipping and also nano-infesting of the human body. These interior user interfaces will certainly respond with the Web of Points, and will certainly develop the Web of Bodies, a totally controlled humanity under the law and control of our betters.

There you have it people - the dystopian globalist plan for your future, as well as for future generations of mankind.

Terrific Reseters and Transhumanists in fact believe - with no evidence whatsoever - that consciousness can originate from powerful formulas created in a computer system, which these algos can magically progress - in a kind of AI Big Bang - right into life as well as awareness that transcends to human awareness. This idea is the product of disrupted minds. It overlooks the difference in between intelligence and consciousness. Knowledge is not sentient, it is not directed by the higher power, it is just advanced problem addressing.

The Selfhood- the ultimate advancement of artificial intelligence right into a super-intelligence - will never ever take place. However, the globalists don’t recognize this yet due to the fact that they have little or no self-awareness. Transhumanism is the supreme evolution of individuals that concern themselves, and humankind, with contempt. Transhumanism and its lorries, the Great Reset and The Green New Deal, is a mankind destroying suggestion that has its origins in a complete absence of self-esteem and self-regard.

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