Reach Healthcare is proud to announce the Happy Mama Expo 2022 on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022, from 7 AM to 7 PM Eastern. It is free and online. To get a ticket, go to: This national, public event supports the needs of women along their journey to motherhood from family planning and preconception to pregnancy, labor and delivery through postpartum. The program is holistic and touches on a variety of topics, including maternal mental health and well-being, nutrition, finding the right care provider for you, preparation for labor and delivery, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, the postpartum plan, breastfeeding, career management, and more. There will be giveaways, music, entertainment, celebrity appearances, digital swag bags with coupons and freebies for attendees.  Reach plans to announce Happy Mama’s newest features for supporting women through labor and delivery at the event. “Women have a right to choose their experiences and feel safe in the spaces in which they deliver. Happy Mama supports and empowers women to elevate their voice and build their confidence,” says Fran Ayalasomayajula, President of Reach.  This year’s Expo theme is “Elevate Your Voice,” with special keynotes NIKITA LAWSON, MA, BSW, BDT/CD(DONA), President, DONA International, the leading professional doula association worldwide; KATRINA HOLLAND, CEO, American College of Nurse-Midwives; and CHRISTINA WURSTER, CEO, Society for Maternal and Fetal Medicine. In addition to this Expo, Reach is offering the Happy Mama platform to expectant and new mothers and maternal care teams affected by the floods in Kentucky and other FEMA-qualifying disaster areas. The platform is a great way for women to stay in communication with their providers as well as have access to much-needed maternal care, community resources, social services, and educational materials. LINKS: Happy Mama Expo Tickets Happy Mama Website Happy Mama Disaster Relief Program ABOUT REACH Reach is a 501c3 global social impact organization focused on improving the healthcare experience of both patients and providers. Maternal mortality and morbidity prevention is a top-priority area for the organization. Reach is the founder of the National Save Moms Campaign (, Save Moms Global (, Maternal Application of Technology for Community Health (MATCH) Coalition (, and Happy Mama ( ABOUT HAPPY MAMA Happy Mama, a 2022 CES Tech Innovation Award Winner, is a biopsychosocial wellness platform for maternity care, designed to address the unique needs of expectant and new mothers from three months pre-conception through one year postpartum. It provides physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and socio-economic support with access to doulas, coaches, specialists, and community services, as well as providers peer-support groups, live and pre-recorded programs, and products and services at significantly reduced costs.  For maternal healthcare teams, it’s also a fully comprehensive decision support tool and resource. The solution helps improve communication and collaboration between providers and pregnant women with integrated video, chat, remote monitoring, and medication adherence. CONTACT Pallavi Kondapalli [email protected]  619-800-6443 Source: Reach Healthcare