Is Video one of the most Effective Kind of Communication?

The old saying says “A photo is worth a thousand words,” indicating various subtle ideas, information and expression can be interacted with just one photo. If that holds true, what is a video worth? Video typically contains 24 images per 2nd and also normally consists of audio-music, sound results or the talked word.

There is a clear technical advantage to utilizing video clip over a still photo considering that there is a lot more that can be loaded into a video clip. A video also typically has various shots with various activities happening on the screen.

So video is the clear victor, right?

Well, I would certainly say that a specific level of treatment needs to be taken in order to communicate the message appropriately. In other words, video clip can absolutely be a lot more impactful if all the junk is trimmed from it. I such as to consider video clip manufacturing as a way to connect an idea or an emotion, which is usually connected to a story or a brand. This can be done with a still image if desired, yet there are much more options and devices if it is completed with video, and also I believe a video clip is far more reliable. In fact, the data coming out over the last few years supports that.

According to Brightcove, a cloud-based online video clip shipment system, social video clip creates 1200% more shares than message and also photos integrated.

It’s not as simple as grabbing your phone and directing it at somebody at the office, though. Brightcove likewise specifies that 62% of customers are more probable to have an unfavorable brand name perception of a brand that published a poor-quality video clip.

Video clip production provides the makers many more devices to collaborate with in order to communicate the message. The subtle social communications between two people, or the peaceful songs that crescendos into a spectacular carolers can have a lot more influence in expressing the appropriate emotion or message. The target market is persuaded into a particular feeling not only by what they listen to, but the actions and tale unraveling on the display, the development and also advancement of personalities, or the masterfully composed images sequenced together perfect.

I personnally believe that video is and will certainly constantly be one of the most powerful tool for connecting. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is video worth at 24 frames per secondly? Perhaps a video clip is worth a hundred thousand words …