Assassinations in India: Duty of Extreme Brain Laundering of the At risk by Those Who Hold a Grudge

In all the murder cases in India, there are particular points alike. The leaders rejected to have special protection even though they were warned in advance concerning the seriousness of the scenario. The responses were awful with murder and counter murder by mutually opponent groups. Later on it was found that the awesomes were highly inspired by extreme mind washing by those that hold grudge versus those eliminated.

And now, the times have actually transformed. The democratically elected leaders additionally have complete safety and security and defense at the same level with tyrants. Yet, they drop victim to assassin’s bullets. We shall see in this brief fiction the assassination tries on a democratically elected leader and succeeding fall out thereof.


The knowledge records were quite alarming!

The latest reports informed that the self-destruction squads of the inland terrorist teams have zeroed in for a master plan to kill the mass leader and also the Head of the State Mr X.

The matter was reviewed in a closeted cabinet meeting.

” My precious leader Sir, (to mention the name of the leader is completely restricted because it is thought about a disrespect to the precious leader). We shall provide our lives to conserve you. Can anyone touch you?” Nearly all the pastoral coworkers assured in carolers.

” Our most cherished Sir” the replacement principal Ramsingh addressed him. Amongst all the preachers, he was the just one that can talk in person with the chief. “I would certainly recommend you not to come out for some days. You might deal with any feature with direct relay of T.V.”

The principal had a hearty laugh. “Do you suggest I am a coward? Have you neglected the truth Mahatmaji refused to have safety? I am a follower of Gandhi as well as come from that category of leaders. If I crave the nation. Allow me do so because I take satisfaction in passing away because fashion. So let me not hide in my den. Let me take a trip as usual.” So stating, he concluded the cupboard meeting and mosted likely to his cabin to attend to other regular works.

The unavoidable occasion occurred within the next 2 days. Mr X was attending a main feature which was to take place in an amphitheater. The function was to state open a picture of Gandhi. When he was walking the ramp to get to the podium, a boy in his twenties appeared from no place and bullets from his machine gun punctured his body and also tore it right into pieces. The improved contemporary technology made it possible that the murder was telecast live. The assassin did not waste his time in shooting himself to death.

The satellite tvs did not throw away at any time and newscast the bodies of both the assassinated and also the assassin continuously.

The celebration employees were prompted quickly. Arson and vandalism were leashed out with prompt impact. Shortly, the State was under the control of antisocial components, rowdies and criminals. Not able to birth the loss, some fanatic participants burnt themselves to fatality. The whole State was in a State of chaos.

Unexpectedly all the networks quit their relays. Just an announcement, “Please represent a vital news” was telecast. After repeating for almost fifty times, they started telecasting “Our leader is not dead, he is significantly to life.” They duplicated the announcement again and again. Radios additionally announced the exact same massage therapy. All the offered wireless, digital media and also satellite networks continuously revealed “Our cherished leader will appear and resolve the people of the State.”

The mindless violence came to a halt. Yes, finally the Head of the State showed up on T.V as well as various other media. With folded up hands he thanked the public for their massive assistance.

” My dearest brethren, you are the blood of my blood, you are the nerves of my nerves. Absolutely nothing has actually occurred to me and also I have appeared successfully from the treacherous murder effort of our challengers, who are in fact cowards. It is not so easy to remove the life of your precious leader” he stated.

Right away the fierce state of mind was transformed as mood of delight as well as festivities.

However just how did he get away the murder effort?

The secret ended up being public in a day or two. The person eliminated was a replica of Mr X whose name was Kasi that has represented him on various events in the past also.

” Individuals simply blunder Kasi as me. When it includes just ribbon cutting without welcoming any type of lecture he made use of to replicate me,

” This moment, I informed him not to go since knowledge reports were entirely damaging, however he refused as well as went to represent me. That brought his end.” So claiming to his close aides he rubbed out rips (!) streaming down from his eyes.

As a sop, he offered Rupees 50 million to Kasi’s household and 1 million each to the families of those that self- immolated, numbering to nearly 8. Therefore, the voices versus the gory deaths of 9 innocents were silenced

Yet there were some voices of unhappiness as mirrored in some tv talk programs. Speakers were raising objection to the Head of the State deputing another man on his behalf consequently giving up an innocent life to save himself. Some road plays were held to condemn the event. Individuals compared Kasi to “Aravan”, a personality in Mahabharatha who was compromised to conserve the lives of Pandavas, the five siblings. They represented innocent individuals that sacrificed their lives by immolating themselves to discharge beetles that simply jump into fire as well as pass away, being brought in by it. Opposition leaders asked, “Is it the way for the leader to shield himself specifically when he states himself as a follower of Mahathma Gandhi who frankly, with open upper body faced bullets?”

Mr X pooh-poohed the whole opposition and also proceeded his work. Power damages, outright power definitely. By the substantial power he possessed he silenced all the voices that opposed him.

Whatever was quiet, instead showed up silent for some months.

He re-started visiting his courtesan’s residence, obviously, with all his security authorities vehicle etc

. He took his seat in the elegant sofa, which he talented to his pleasant heart wearing a ‘lungi’ (coloured dhoti) as well as with bear chest. “Wonderful heart, please offer me a cup of milk”. His voice was so pleasant that it showed the opposite of his individuality which none of his associates nor party workers can ever before hear. “Okay darling, why milk? I will send badham keer” which implied sweetened milk with almond “I shall send through Sita, my servant house maid. I have to go to bath space”. So saying, she provided him a deep kiss and left.

In five minutes, her house cleaning brought the keer. On seeing that young and also lovely house maid, the leader was amazed. “Oh, you are here! Just how are you? Have you spent all the cash I offered?” he asked taking the cup in his hands.

” I am fine sir” so claiming she was up to his feet and also seized his feet with both the hands.

” Okay, you leave my foot”, he screamed.

But she did leave neither let loose her grasp.

In a split of a second she pushed a switch affixed to the belt in her lap.

There was a huge explosion. The leader and also the servant housemaid were torn into pieces.

The entire area came down with a huge noise.

The girl who was in the bathroom space was also hidden in the debris of the bathroom space.

Some safety and security personnel additionally were killed in the blast.

Therefore the story of the wonderful leader involved an end.

The event was passed on by all satellite T.V terminals. However the pity was that none thought it. “He will not pass away, He will come back as we saw in the past,” they really hoped.

Satellites have to work hard by showing his body twice or three times to make them believe. There were no self-immolation, no protests because whatever were done currently.

The intelligence chief was reporting to the cabinet. The earlier deputy principal Mr Ramsingh had come to be the principal as well as presided over that meeting.

” Sir the suicide bomber was the 2nd partner of Kasi. Young and also stunning, she was wed to him simply two years back. All of us recognize that Kasi was killed 10 months back being misinterpreted as Mr X. The Government provided huge settlement. She was not given any share in it. Someone had absolutely taught her to retaliate her partner’s fatality. She was extremely strongly motivated. The trainer understood extremely well that the chief would be laid-back in his courtesan’s home. Hence he chose that location for assassination. Kasi’s 2nd better half Sita signed up with there as a house maid and was waiting on the opportunity. She came to be a human bomb to kill him promptly.

Just good idea is, this time around there was no aravan to substitute Mr X nor fire-beetles to self-immolate,” he ended.

After a pause, he proceeded, “Yet we do not know the main accomplice who encouraged her to retaliate. No doubt, some terror group has provided the arms, however there is a master mind behind the whole conspiracy theory. We are attempting via various ways, but until now no hint,” he ended with a deep sigh.

There was a mystical smile in the sanction of the principal Mr Ramsingh which none observed.

Three months later on:

” Look, this is the picture of the other that mercilessly killed your mother and also the head. Should not you retaliate it?”

The courtesan’s son was getting brain cleaned by someone that was showing him the picture of existing chief Ramsingh.

The video game of brain cleaning continues.

Dr Sathyanarayanan Bhimarao is a multi-faceted individuality. He is M.Sc (Physics) from Annamalai University. He obtained Ph.D is mental counselling in HIV/AIDS. He is an author from a really young age. He has actually created numerous short articles, narratives as well as plays which were released in popular publications. He is an author in the subjects of Viewpoint and also science. He is the creator of Holistic Approach Culture and also is conducting a number of seminars on Physics and also Approach. He is releasing a Tamil as well as an English publications with a number of features like short stories, plays and also write-ups.