International Cinema in the Greek Islands

International movie theater in the Greek islands

The special Greek landscape remains in itself the ideal backdrop for cinematic manufacturings with different material. Greece, obviously, is identified abroad with the sunlight, the sea, the Greek way of life, the excitement, the excellent food and the friendliness of the residents. All the above describe the Greek islands, which considering that the 60’s have actually started to be used as a space in which vital global movie theater films have actually progressed, which owe their credibility, success, and also recognition to the Mediterranean landscapes. These movies added dramatically to the acquaintance of Greek islands by international site visitors and also to the production of the Greek legendary summertime that never ever finishes.

The most essential and most popular of these movies are the following:


” Boy on a dolphin” was the first film of international manufacturing ever before fired in Greece especially in Hydra, starring Sofia Lauren, Alan Ladd and Clifton Webb. The film was a site for the island which after the movie made it a land of tourist attraction for thousands of travelers as well as especially a place of vacation as well as house of musicians and also intellectuals of that period. The cinematographic scene where Sofia Lauren sings the track “What is Love” is among the highlights of the movie.


The title communicates all the feel of the film and also the feeling of the island of Amorgos. Wonderful undersea shots that develop a magical picture that glorifies the Mediterranean and the value of true relationship.

Luc Besson with these attributes produced a monumental, strange flick for all time. The beach of “Agia Anna” in Amorgos will be for the whole world hereafter movie the blue summer we will always recover.

” MEDITERRANEO”, (1991 )

Italian movie bestowed an Oscar-winning film. The entire movie is filmed in Kastelorizo, a landscape that is actively involved in the film’s event and atmosphere. The elegances of the island are masterfully provided and compose a distinct setting for the film.

” CAPTAIN CORELLI’S MANDOLIN”, (2001 ) In 2001, the island that has actually been honored by American cinema is Cephalonia. The instance happens throughout the Great War as well as locates on the island one of the most genuine scene that her director might imagine. Major stars generally roles (Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz), stunning all-natural landscapes made certain success and also made the island of the Ionian understood.

” ZORBA THE GREEK”, (1964 )

Zorbas. The currently popular book by N. Kazantzakis, which converted with excellent success into many international languages, ended up being a well-known American movie in 1964. The film unravels in the village of Stavros, Chania. There, on a coastline, we watch Anthony Quinn as Zorba dancing the Syrtaki in songs by M. Theodorakis, which will certainly come to be the most famous Greek songs since. The Lady Kedrova Oscar likewise comes from the parchments of the podium. After the film, the name Zorbas will certainly represent anything Greek and also will certainly come to be the sign of the entirely unchanged spirit. Superior as well as the interpretation of Alan Bates, who is the hero on the opposite side of Zorba.


Mykonos for Shirley Valentine (1989) The name of the housewife of the movie that will become associated with the delight of life as well as love thanks to a trip to Mykonos. Therefore, the well-known nightlife island, the worldwide setting, the pep and the absolute summer season of Greece will certainly find its most ideal exponent. Tom Conti will now be the most effective Greek, typical figure as well as dream of all the housewives of the globe. The pub that stars in the movie on the coastline of Ag. John.


One of the globe’s 2nd timeless films starring Anthony Quinn. The old community of Rhodes is the perfect scene of the movie in which a few of one of the most vital monuments of the island are presented. The movie is classical and its success was sealed with an Oscar election as well as an Oscar for the best impacts. Later, the worldwide target market will be advised of Rhodes via Roger Moore, TellySavalas, Claudia Cardinale, Jaqueline Bisset, Ben Kingsley starring in films filmed on the island.

” FOR YOUR EYES JUST”, (1981 )

Corfu with its social monoliths, its historic mysterious atmosphere, and also its gold beaches, was the perfect setup for an experience by the most famous worldwide movie theater representative. Greek beauty is exposed by the appeal that the representative falls for and the sights of the island. Roger Moore even disclaims his favorite martini alcoholic drink for the sake of Corfiot wine drinking on a flick scene at the imposing gorgeous Theotoki winery.


Darryl Hanah as well as Peter Gallaher as new gods of love reside in one of the most enchanting location of summer season sensual journeys on the history of the Santorini caldera. The sundown as well as the view from various components of the island make the island a popular area of destination for all enthusiasts.


In 2003, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft goes to the optimal of her glory, and also Santorini removes with her on some scenes of the film that makes a distinction. The enchanting image of the caldera swipes the program and Santorini rises to the top of one of the most impressive islands worldwide.

” MAMMA MIA!”, (2008 )

It is actually Skopelos! It’s about moving Broadway’s music to the big screen. The story is positioned in Skiathos as well as brings the Sporades in the spotlight; customers discover a various elegance away from the images that are accustomed to the Cyclades. Throughout the film, the exterior dominates by providing an unique setting of stunning beaches, chapels, as well as coves. The instance is mounted by ABBA’s classic songs that are greatly supported by Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth as well as Amanda Seyfried starring. Absolutely nothing resembles the Greek Kalokeri of the film.

” THE IMMATURE”, (2014 ).

Italian film was recorded completely in Paros, which is for the protagonists the place of escape from the strenuous everyday life. With each other we enjoy a scenic view of Paros with the coastlines, the villages that capture the beauty of the island and carry the Cycladic fragrances as well as the sense of the vacation.