Indie Movie PR - Just How to Get Media Direct Exposure for Your Movie Launch

Many of the indie films our group has successfully represented usually had actually limited budget plans. So how can you obtain the media to notice you without spending thousands every month on PR?

Quick Tips

Tell your story. Whether your movie is a docudrama, sci-fi, love, thriller or activity film, your film run-through needs to catch the eye as well as ears of the media.

Find your hook! The hook can be why you made the film, any obstacles you experienced, or perhaps the lead character or manufacturers have a wonderful backstory. If it’s a docudrama, why this film will alter thinking or inform the audience. If fiction, who motivated or if it’s based on an actual ‘occasion’. The spin is the tale behind your film.

Every single individual involved in the making of your film has a tale and also an angle you can pursue media.

Must Have’s.

Produce an Electronic Press Package.

( EPK) Your electronic press package includes an image’s and also videos in addition to short interviews you’re your primary cast and staff.

While filming you intend to do off the established interviews with the cast, the supervisor and also manufacturers that can be modified for the EPK.

Have them respond to top questions the media could ask about the movie.

If your film includes unique effects talk to the musicians, or if filming in an unique place highlight that in the video. These are future ‘selling’ factors for media and film festival entries. You can likewise include a brief trailer in the EPK.

Vital: See to it any kind of songs used in the EPK is gotten rid of for program. You don’t want to have to backtrack and also ask media to not utilize the soundtrack.

Your Movie Summary- You can pick the length.

The lengthy synopsis.

This will certainly consist of one solitary page which you require to make double-spaced. You can inform the tale in regarding 3/4 of the web page. The latter can consist of any type of anecdotes concerning the making if your movie, as well as why it will certainly attract attention from various other films.

The medium summary.

Once more, it needs to be a 3/4 web page long in which you summarize the movie, however make it succinct and also to the point. The last couple of lines can be about the production of the film and also why your movie is distinct.


short summary.

The short run-through style need to be no more than half the page. Once more, 3/4 is your succinct tale concerning the movie, highlight factors that will grab passion, with the last couple of lines regarding the manufacturing as well as why the film will stand out.

Biographies of Cast and Crew.

Your EPK consists of biographies of all the key players involved in the film, from the manufacturers, writers, author, supervisor, director of digital photography, stars and production developer. Include previous work experience, for example, any type of recognized movies that the crew was part of in the past. Anything unique that will certainly grab the eye of the media is valuable.

Attention Stills.

Your EPK requires fantastic pictures, consist of the following:. Producer on the collection. Supervisor with the cast. Fabulous photos of the movie scenes (have the digital photographer on the set days of essential scenes being shot). Highlight the devices made use of planned of the film. Any kind of key players should be consisted of. Bear in mind, that best image can be made use of on Tees, caps, posters and various other advertising products.

Frequently asked question Area.

It is crucial for your promotion that you offer movie event submissions, journalists, and workshops who might be taking into consideration distributing your movie that you develop a most regularly asked Question and also Solution area in the EPK. Consist of anything that describes the film, your objective, your audience as well as ultimate success of the film.

Generally, it has to do with 10 inquiries. Commonly media who interview you will certainly follow this messaging, so all parties being talked to will certainly be prepared. ______________.

Quick Tips.

Media Goals.

Every filmmaker desires national focus on their movie, but you might need to build to that, detailed. Begin with local press, film blogs, YouTube video clips as well as social media. Make your own buzz, the media will certainly call you!

Film Festivals.

If you submit your film as well as obtain approved, attempt to obtain a press listing of that will certainly be attending. Beginning to follow the key journalists on social media sites, after that email your EPK and also offer meetings with your vital actors, directors, producer at the celebration. Offer them an unique spin that will certainly get their attention. Constantly be courteous, also if the reporter denies a first interview with you. If the film is obtaining a buzz at the celebration, after that re-contact the reporter, you might obtain the meeting.

Commercial Sale.

If your film gathers a business sale, Netflix, HBO, DVD sales, after that you wish to reach out to home entertainment movie reviewers/ authors. Email or send by mail the movie screener, and comply with up regarding a testimonial. Gather as numerous buddies as you can to watch the film and post online testimonials. Connect to regional and nationwide reporters as well as blog owners, both big blogs and tiny, as long as the target market remains in your particular niche.

Locate a ‘rotate’ in your film that will certainly get focus. Indie movies our firm represented we had success with rotates that landed the filmmakers on nationwide talk and home entertainment shows along with national print. So, it is feasible for a smaller indie film to get national press!

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