SAP Product Administration Concepts

Provide the possible values for ‘Procurement Kind’.

The possible values for Purchase Kind are,.

No procurement.

Exterior Purchase.

In-house manufacturing.

Both procurement types.


A plant stands for a production place, a distribution center or a storage facility. Though a plant is not a monetary entity it can be still linked to a Service Location. In a plant, we really validate.

the inventory. During an order entry the system checks for the stock either at the plant or plant/storage area and also sap training institute in Hyderabad.

Business units.

Investing In Organization, Plant, Storage space area is the fundamental business devices in SAP MM.

Clarify the different features sustained by SAP’s Materials Monitoring (MM) module.

The various functions supported by SAP MM are,.


Stock management.

Billing verification.

MRP (material need preparation).

Describe what a ‘manufacturing facility calendar’ remains in SAP MM.

Manufacturing facility calendar is a country-specific schedule with the listing of public holidays and also functioning days, which is client independent. The public holidays are kept via the Holiday schedule. Each plant.

is designated with a manufacturing facility schedule. Manufacturing facility schedule assists in managing products problems/ invoices sap training institute in Hyderabad.

Clarify the SD - MM integration in SAP.

The goods/services from a plant (MM) can be sold by one or more ‘sales companies’ (SD). The sales organizations can additionally offer good/services to greater than one plant. A sales organization attached to.

a company code is further split right into ‘Circulation Channel’ and ‘Departments’ in SD. A Department in MM stands for a product line as well as is designated to a product in the product master sap training Hyderabad.

Describe what ‘Inter - Firm Sales’ is in SAP MM.

The problem when the sales organization costs more than one plant coming from one or more company code is called inter-company sales. The inter-company sales need even more details.

the setup in the system sap training Hyderabad.

Name the various functions supported by Material Master. The information kept in Product Master support a selection of business features and operations. Some amongst them are,.



Invoice Verification.

Stock management.

Item Costing.

Sales and also Circulation.

Quality Monitoring.

SAP MM - Product monitoring used via purchase department.It generally benefits procurement of raw materials as well as inventory administration systems and also sap institute in Hyderabad.

It likewise permits you to operate in the location of product demand planning (mrp). The master information in MM module connects to materials and vendors.The purchase company is created based on the need of client business and it concentrate on procurement of products according to the demands of the plant sap institute in hyderabad.

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