Why Turns Unhappiness

Why transforms sadness on me? When I am free And independent Presently

The springtime gas sent some modifications I will take care of It’s color with an age With the honor

and protect the place I love holidays as they show ways

In leisure you also can attempt at some time I am one of those Who has selected?

No time at all limit is established for the objective Yet I consistently reacted to the phone call Let us see how much it pays As well as keeps

with the luck in favor I take it as the strong indicator of the future In spite of all these I have a basic choice

I favor Self-chosen path And calm down with a deep breath The death of the dear ones

It Constantly distress us and also takes the heavy toll of the concentration and also establish the obscured vision Abd blocks the goal

I get nowhere and also establish the concern Whom should I confide? So I knowingly decide

Approve the haven of nature open whatever there There is a vibrant environment as well as no person shall conflict

I assume below regarding sadness That constantly shows up on the face it advises me of wonderful spending in the past I like it quite yet it troubles

I grew under moms and dad’s sanctuary So I had not to bother They took complete treatment As well as constantly cared for all over

I was not able to act Specifically mommy’s face made me sob in fact As a child, I felt it with shyness? however fell short to open with frankness

I wanted to cry in open As every little thing was shed in the past heaven No one pertained to me with such kindness As I was deep down with the funds

Below no sentiments work Only strong stand and also words play the fantastic part I was not only considered as the stringent disciplinarian But kind human too

I never ever insulted any person As my method coincided and recognized For me, everyone was taken into consideration an essential And that impact continued to be irreversible

I was compelled to disclose outside world concerning my feelings That I was also weak person although I was thought about powerful in the ring

I have done whatever I could And in future too I would something worries might take me over yet I shall manage the crisis right here

About the worldly events I shall stay reasonable and also attempt not to be emotional and keep it as personal

I will give up to the God with prayers and also hold idea with the gold words

I have made a decision to bring my concern with blame on nobody my setting has been made recognized it will be the single duty of my very own

Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta