No Time to

No time at all to part

There is a fall in the ethical criterion We frequently stroll over busted words Take no care to remind others and also such causing wonder about and also concerns

We constantly like to preach Yet fall short to capture the meaningful guidance and also reveal the surprise

We are turning a blind eye As well as try With the different objectives Thus fall short in maintaining the relation

As a result There is a brand-new cult Amongst the people to put the false show As well as think it is the correct way to expand

It is suggested To make the battle As well as bring up the level To present and also excel

Why are we doing all these? When it has no significance! No standing in the civilized globe And also there is a strong debate

we want to become a millionaire But don’t wish to function a lot more Put in no collective initiatives And existing it in parts

So it is worked out And also loudly spoke about with an easy means as well as the quick result That is exactly how we are making an efforts

Slow as well as stable victories the race And authoritatively face The situation in a desirable means That is how we go ahead and securely stay

Our society has dived the deep down And made it known That we live in the Dark Age! As well as create the problems

Why is there an increase in the criminal offense rate? Why do we choose someone’s fate? We have no response We grow weak each day

We are expecting a lot However attempt not to get to By hard labor As well as with the continuous program around

We are forgetting one element The women endure more as a result of our acts Even though they are rated respectably Much more rape attempts are made by people daily

We shall have no time at all to drop rips As everybody is endangered by the constant anxieties That recognizes quite possibly that where direction the threat may strike? It is not the option of our disapproval or like

It is an open field The sights are temporarily held Yet we are doing not have resolve So fall short to address

Let the things move And we disprove a whole approach As not enough is done to reach

We have the limited keep And may vanish a lot to everybody’s shock With every one of the unexpected death

Keep no doubt As well as make the strong structure It is essential to have an excellent relationship To sail efficiently at the port

It is left to a very own wisdom Which stops working hardly ever The words are gold regarding have boiled down from the heaven

Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta