5 Of One Of The Most Intriguing Creative Brands to See in Africa

Africa is undergoing an unbelievable innovative renaissance, it is mindblowing to witness. I lately moved from the UK to Ghana to experience Africa and its creative altitude as it unravels. In this post, I am going to display some of one of the most interesting creative brands to find out of the continent.

Chale Socks

Chale Socks are an ingenious, Ghanaian garments brand name. Their strong, distinct styles concentrate on making use of conventional Adinkra signs as well as African patterns and also concepts to develop sensational, creative socks.


OhYesLord is a Johannesburg-based streetwear brand. Their primary aim is to advertise African young people culture. Their layouts are basic yet attractive, recording the free spirited nature of African youth.

Waffles N Cream

Wafflesncream is a skateboard cumulative based in Lagos Nigeria. Along with the cumulative, they likewise run a wacky streetwear clothes shop. A very cutting-edge brand name, advertising innovative self expression among the Nigerian young people.

Tongoro Tongoro is had and also taken care of by successful media mogul Sarah Diouf. The Dakar-based fashion brand called Tongoro workshop supplies bold, yet straightforward styles.

Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane is a Senegalese designer who generates very artistic items. Her brand was substantiated of a passion for city African inspired design. Her pieces demonstrate a spontaneous style and also grace. The brand name can be described as high fashion meets edgy, urban Afro posh.

My Experience Dealing With African Creative Brands

I have collaborated with a variety of African creative brand names. I observed the enthusiasm, commitment to their craft and also the resolution to prosper in a continent where possibilities are very easy to detect however challenging to capitalise on. The talent in Africa is unbelievable, motivating, encouraging. When I touch down on African soil, my first idea is to develop, learn, produce. Africa presses you in such a way that I would have never assumed possible.

African brand names embody an uniqueness that is tough to locate anywhere else on the planet. There is a raw grit and also passion amongst African creatives. The fire burns strong, it is absolutely survival of the fittest available. The fortunate couple of that make it to the top can only but think back on battle, days gone by where absolutely nothing looked enthusiastic, whatever showed up helpless however yet they pressed on via anxiety, barriers and also uncertainty. There is something absolutely special taking place in Africa right now, I am honored to be here to witness it all unravel prior to my really eyes.

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