The Greater Objective of the Lockdown? Spiritual Awakening!

” I hesitate of Fatality,” claimed my grown-up niece.

I don’t know why this shocked me, yet it did. Her anxiety brought the entire conversation to a stop because it was so strong that she could not also discuss it.

Death is a natural procedure that all of us experience in 3-D. It takes place to every person at that level of Awareness.

So why do we fear it?

Programs - by spiritual organizations to manage us, to keep us in the fear matrix of 3-D duality awareness.

The supposed corona infection is being used to revv up our anxieties as well as send us spiraling right into states of confusion, panic, horror, and also horror. This prevents us from assuming plainly, from asking questions undesirable by the government and others who look for to manage us.

The “lockdown” is touted as a way to stop individuals from getting sick, yet it actually is being made use of to separate us, to limit our physical call, which we require to be healthy physically and also mentally.

The goal seem to be to keep us tiny, limited, worried, and isolated, and to get us to inject our bodies with whatever the controllers choose to put into what they are calling a vaccine.

BUT, and also this is a large BUT, there is SPIRITUAL GOOD information if you select to concentrate on that chance.

What happens if this entire circumstance is developed to obtain individuals to TURN WITHIN. To step back from every little thing they kept that maintains them limited and also small, and to give them an opportunity to examine whatever that they thought held true and real concerning their lives.

While there is disorder, there is opportunity to for brand-new development to arise, new choices to be made, brand-new experiences to be experienced.

And also the best adventure of all is not, as Star Expedition would certainly have you believe, to go “where no male [or lady] has actually preceded.”

The best adventure is to GO WITHIN as well as re-discover your Divinity, your Real Self, and also your boundless Magnificent nature. This entire circumstance of lockdowns and masks, and fear-mongering messages (such as being informed to “remain safe” 100 times a day) has the advantage, i.e., significant Gold Nugget of offering you time and room to have a look at your life, to make new choices, to free you from your dependency to the material globe, as well as to turn you back to your Heart, to your Divine Self.

If worry of fatality is maintaining you small, you might read some publications about NDE (Near Death Experiences). There are several excellent ones out there. They all show that what you think is what you develop.

Many people who have NDEs discover the Divine Reality of Infinite Love is readily available to them. They find out that they are the only one who is evaluating them. They usually discover their Heart Purpose, and return to 3-D Consciousness with a solid need to meet that purpose.

There are various other methods to uncover your Soul’s function. You don’t have to have an NDE to figure out what it is. The important thing to remember is that your Spirit does have a function for your life.

Remember, you have already been told that: God is Love. You were produced from Love. The Divine Self lives within you as You. Infinite Love is the only Reality. Whatever else is illusion.

What will you select? What kind of truth do you want to remain to experience?

One based upon concern?

Or one based on Love?

One based on duality and dispute?

Or one based on unity and also participation?

One based on limitation?

Or one based on development, which brings about terrific experiences of creative thinking, pleasure, and also Love?